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Thrive, From The Inside Out

Get tools and strategies to improve your thoughts, mood, and behavior so you can be your best self and live your best life.

Are you going through a life transition, dealing with a problem, or living in a situation that has your mind spinning?

Do you see yourself at a crossroads but don't know which direction to go?

Is it taking away your attention, draining your energy, or causing you to have a hard time falling or staying asleep?

Do you want to be healthier physically, mentally, and spiritually but don't know where to start or how to stick with it?

If so, I can help you define the issue and offer brief, focused support and tools to get through this difficult time.

How Consultation Can Help

Consultation can help you get clarity in your life direction, apply existing coping skills, enhance them, and implement new strategies to whatever situation life has thrown your way and whatever goals you want to crush.

Whether you are going through an expected transition or an unexpected shift in events or circumstances in your life, or you don’t have a clue as to where you’re going, I can help you feel more confident and in control, better equipped, moving in a clear direction, and less stressed, worried, discouraged, or frustrated.

Do you want to see things change? Then you need to take action. Make the decision to schedule an appointment or call me today and take control of your life!

Consultation Areas

Adjustment to life changes such as relationships, starting a family, work/career, school, medical health

Health education and training in mind/body interaction, including such areas as sleep, exercise, nutrition/eating, smoking, and other unhealthy habits

Direction in your schooling and studies (e.g., college, graduate school)

Spiritual isses, including finding personal meaning in life and coming to terms with mortality

Finding a job, career, and vocation

What Is The Process?

You will come in for an initial visit, where we can discuss your areas of concern and questions you may have.

Depending on your needs, consultation services may include brief assessment measures or specific testing. Any follow-up visits required to get you back on track or moving forward.

Consultation, by nature, is a more time-limited service than therapy, although this may be an option if it will be more beneficial for you.

While I can’t provide answers or fixes to all of life’s issues, I can provide a safe, productive, and healthy framework to discuss and explore these areas, along with suggestions that will help you through them with more ease, confidence, and peace.

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